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Read the story @ SEVERINE.

NOTE: The story can be found in ISSUE 3: WANDERLUST. You’ll have to view the piece in ISSUU — it’s on page 14.

I like when journals publish themed issues. The themes are typically conveyed in a single word so full of cultural and psychological implication that there’s no telling where the enclosed works will go. Such is the case with the “Wanderlust” issue of SEVERINE. Continue reading

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In the Slums of New China

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RED MASK | Jessica May Lin

Read the story @ Shimmer.



There is a lot going on in this fantastic, emotionally charged story by Jessica May Lin. “Red Mask” has its feet planted in two different speculative camps (let’s not say ‘genres,’ which seems too compartmental a term): sci-fi and ghost stories. While it might be unusual to have futuristic technology and a folkloric ghost-presence working in tandem, the juxtaposition works incredibly well–thanks to the author’s painstaking world-building (on both the futuristic and supernatural sides of the story) and the matter-of-factness with which our narrator depicts this far-out world. Continue reading

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Tonight’s Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Flying Heads



PENANGGALAN | Eric Williams

Read the story @ Noble / Gas Qtrly



There will be spoilers. Read the story first.

Now that you’ve read Eric Williams’s dark yet surprisingly upbeat story about an ambitious woman who sucks the blood of one of her coworkers, you probably have a good sense of what a Penanggalan is. But I’ll quickly give you a little background on this monstrous creature (via Wikipedia, of course): Continue reading

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The Beast: Behind-the-Scenes Q+A w/ Louis Rakovich

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Today we’re checking out a very psychological work of flash fiction by Louis Rakovich. You can check out “The Beast” over at Zetetic Record by clicking the appropriate link:


The appropriate link


Have you read the story? Great! Let’s talk with Mr. Rakovich about his writing process and how this quietly haunting piece came to be…

Continue reading

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Girl in Blue Dress (1881): Behind the Scenes Q+A w/ Sunil Patel


Enjoy our latest author Q+A, this time featuring the great Sunil Patel! His SFF short story, Girl in Blue Dress (1881), appears over at Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.

Check out his piece, then read the “behind the scenes” interview below!

Continue reading

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Bargain: Behind-the-Scenes Q+A w/ Sarah Gailey

bargain sarah gailey

Today we’re excited to present a Q+A featuring the talented Sarah Gailey, author of “Bargain,” a new short story in Mothership Zeta that mixes deal-with-the-devil horror with unabashed comic satire.

Check out the story, then read the following interview about her process of writing this marvelous piece: Continue reading

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Anamakee: Behind-the-scenes Q+A w/ Author Garret Schuelke


Welcome to our latest behind-the-scenes Q+A, in which author Garret Schuelke discusses his new novel Anamakee (available now at Amazon).

You can check out a preview of the novel over at Cultured Vultures.

Anamakee: Behind the Scenes w/ Author Garret Schuelke Continue reading

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