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The Beast: Behind-the-Scenes Q+A w/ Louis Rakovich

Today we’re checking out a very psychological work of flash fiction by Louis Rakovich. You can check out “The Beast” over at Zetetic Record by clicking the appropriate link:   The appropriate link   Have you read the story? Great! … Continue reading

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La Mer, La Mère

COMING HOME | Louis Rakovich. Read the story @ Bartleby Snopes. SPOILERS BELOW!   Yes, today’s piece will most definitely include spoilers, so if you haven’t gone over to Bartleby Snopes to check out this piece, “Coming Home” by Louis … Continue reading

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Bill’s Life as a Series of Baudrillardian Encounters with the Hyperreal

BILL AND I WENT HUNTING TODAY | Louis Rakovich. ⇒ Read the story @ Goldfish Grimm ⇐ Read the story first. There will be spoilers aplenty… Around the time in college when I stopped drinking hallucinogenic cough medicine and started studying semiotic … Continue reading

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