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Srsly, like… LOL!!! ;) …or: How to Be a True Navajo Woman

FAWNA MOON | Erika T. Wurth. →Read the story @ Waxwing Literary Journal. The following is a list of unforgivable textual crimes: plagiarism, oxford commas, semicolons (except when used ironically), triteness, cliches and received language as a substitute for original thought, … Continue reading

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The Vodnik

THE WATER GOBLIN | Emily Koon. →Read the story @ Paper Darts. “The Water Goblin,” a short story by Emily Koon recently published in Paper Darts, is a deeply felt, beautifully stylized portrait of crisis within a family undergoing a cultural transition. … Continue reading

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The Approaching Wave

PSYCHOPOMP | Indrapramit Das. ⇒Read the story @ Interfictions.   There are going to be vocab words aplenty, I promise. But first, let’s talk about, a venue for some of the most exciting, boundary-smashing works of literature being written … Continue reading

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Meet Your New Baby. Don’t Get Attached.

VACUI MAGIA | L.S. Johnson  ⇒Read the story @ Strange Horizons.   Halloween has come and gone, but I figure we’ll keep the scariness going for one more week with this story about witches and witchcraft and grave-robbing, among other … Continue reading

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