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Eric Hawthorn is a reader and writer living in Philadelphia. His stories have appeared in such journals as LIT, decomP, Monkeybicycle, and Menacing Hedge. When he isn’t blogging here, he’s probably blogging somewhere else. This is his website: quietlybonkers.blogspot.com.



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  1. Noreen Ayres says:

    Eric. You so smart. I read two of your book reviews, Tampa & Sprawl. (Got to them via the post on Wag’s Review’s email to me.) If I didn’t have a pretty sturdy conscience, I’d outright steal a phrase from you: “lapidarist intensity”. I’ve had nice words stolen from me. I’ve tried to believe, in each case, the thefts were flattery along with unconscious plagiarism. I completed that last offense one time myself, using a phrase from Yeats that had settled into my subconscious in one of my own poems. When it came time for a well-known poet to blurb my poetry book, he quoted that. To my horror, I recognized the theft then and hurriedly wrote to him my confession. There was enough time to omit the phrase from his (William Matthews’) blurb on the back of my volume. Okay, so this “Reply” is not supposed to be about me. It’s supposed to be about you, and it got away from me. I just want to say that no, you are not “the slowest writer on earth.” You have a job. Jobs make us tired. Jobs mean we have to spend what would be our writing hours doing all the chores at home and tending to family during the few hours that not being on the “job”–at a realty media business or any other “steal” from us. All I know is, you have such an incisive mind and a gift for language that I just want you to keep heart and to treasure those things about you and to write when you can. The pages do accumulate. Getting published is ridiculously hard. So hard that writing may not be worth the effort; but I’ll leave that to others to argue. Just please know, on this Sunday, April 26th, that one single reader (at least) in northeast Pennsylvania, read your reviews and was entertained and informed and grateful that you took the time…. — All my best to you, Eric Hawthorn. I’ll be looking for your name in journals.


  2. Curator says:

    Hi Noreen,

    Thank you for your incredibly kind, encouraging words. Always grateful to have a reader, and I’m happy to hear these reviews had some value for you. Hope to see you here again soon!

    All best,



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