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If Babar Were a Bloodthirsty Death Machine

DEFY THE GREY KINGS | Jason Fischer. ⇒Read the story @ Beneath Ceaseless Skies You’re probably familiar with the classic children’s book hero Babar, the star of picture books dating back from 1930s France to this day as well as … Continue reading

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Cronenberg Would Dig This

AN EXPERIMENT | Stephen Langlois. Read it @ Monkeybicycle. S P O I L E R S  B E L OW , A S  A L W A Y S “Cronenbergian,” as it turns out, is a pretty established term … Continue reading

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Not Exactly Sanitary, But Just Go With It

THE RAT KING | Kerry Cullen. fwriction : review. ⇒ S P O I L E R S _ B E L O W ⇐ It’s probably fair to say rats are the most baggage-ridden members of the animal kingdom, with … Continue reading

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La Mer, La Mère

COMING HOME | Louis Rakovich. Read the story @ Bartleby Snopes. SPOILERS BELOW!   Yes, today’s piece will most definitely include spoilers, so if you haven’t gone over to Bartleby Snopes to check out this piece, “Coming Home” by Louis … Continue reading

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Population Studies

FIRST LIFE | Marianne Villaneuva. ⇒Read the story @ Juked. Long-running literary magazine Juked is one of my favorite destinations for amazing storytelling. Even as web-based literary journals have come and gone (we’ll miss you, PANK), Juked has published new prose and … Continue reading

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