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Crushed Bones and Dream Logic

Intruder | Jean-Luc Bouchard The Molotov Cocktail. ⇒This piece is fucking crazy. The images are brutal, the pacing is dizzying, and the events described herein are wild and surreal and otherworldly in the best way possible. The piece contains bits … Continue reading

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A Moment of God in War-Torn France

“The Sniper” Paul Luikart WhiskeyPaper. ⇒Violence is very difficult to write in works of fiction (so is sex, but that’s another story). Violence is complicated, a rush of disparate sensory details that somehow coalesce into a scene or moment that … Continue reading

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A Few More Layers between Past and Present

“Brick by Brick” Mika Taylor Tin House Flash Fridays ⇒This is the story of a haunting. This is a story about remnants. In the way in which the story is structured and the We-narrator speaks, the remnants themselves come to … Continue reading

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This Will Make You Wonder What the Fuck You Just Read

“Spectacles and Yurts, Godammit” Anand Dibble The Ampersand Review ⇒This piece reads like some high-level MadLibs narrative or uber-absurdist piece. I don’t have much to say about this beyond the title of this post and the overall what-the-fuckness that the … Continue reading

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A Cool Needle in the Brain

“Mythologies” Susannah Maltz wigleaf. “Mythologies” is only 175 words. I counted every single one. Okay, I didn’t. I used word count. But I did read every single word, all 175, and here is what I think:

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“There was a spring unwinding in me…”

“Ogdensburg”  Myfanwy Collins fwriction. ⇒I’m pretty sure my thoughts are going to be  scattered for today’s discussion, since the piece in question, Myfanwy Collins’s “Ogdensburg,” is simply jam-packed with rich details, surprising sentences, and general awesomeness. I read this piece … Continue reading

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Goddess Hera Goes to Therapy

“The Private Diaries of Hera, She of Santa Cruz” Caitlin Corrigan Wyvern Lit #3. In recent years, more and more stories have featured characters from mythology, literature, folklore and fairy tales–magically plopping them in the middle of contemporary worlds. We see … Continue reading

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