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A Schoolyard Incident in Georgia-the-Country

SEPTEMBER 1 IN TBILISI | Irakli Kobiashvili. Read the story @ One Throne Magazine. ⇒Today we’re talking about a beautiful yet stunningly brutal short story called “September 1 in Tbilisi,” which was written by Irakli Kobiashvili and published in One Throne Magazine. This … Continue reading

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Bill’s Life as a Series of Baudrillardian Encounters with the Hyperreal

BILL AND I WENT HUNTING TODAY | Louis Rakovich. ⇒ Read the story @ Goldfish Grimm ⇐ Read the story first. There will be spoilers aplenty… Around the time in college when I stopped drinking hallucinogenic cough medicine and started studying semiotic … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Life Throws a Frickin’ Curve Ball

LOOK | Sarah Gailey. Cease, Cows. ⇒Read the story here Here’s the deal. If you read my commentary on Sarah Gailey’s “Look,” I will spoil the entire story for you. Every last detail.

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Butterfly Rites

BUTTERFLY EYES | G.V. Anderson. ⇒Freeze Frame Fiction. I am certainly not the first person to observe that literature, art in general, is an inherently solipsistic venture. Even if we’re trying to look beyond the self, we’re rarely able to … Continue reading

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Education, Musical and Otherwise

WE LEARNED TO PRONOUNCE PROKOFIEV | Kathy Fish. Change Seven Magazine. ⇒It isn’t often that I write about creative nonfiction, but I think this is something I want to explore more often on Fiction_Feed (despite the obvious contradiction in the … Continue reading

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Phantom Limbs

NEED A MIRACLE | Karie Fugett. Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. Sometimes when we discuss flash pieces my commentary ends up being longer than the story in question, and I’m pretty sure that will be the case today. Since an in-depth … Continue reading

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Mom! Dad! Can We Keep Him?

ENZO PONZA | Joanna Walsh. Granta. ⇒I really love stories that employ dream logic. When it comes to storytelling that’s based in or exhibits the qualities of a dream, I think there’s a continuum along which lie forms or styles … Continue reading

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