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Two Children on a Beach, Scheming

WONDERFUL | Jenny Wales Steele.  One Throne Magazine. ⇒Here are a few sentences from Jenny Wales Steele’s “Wonderful” to explain the predicament that a young brother and sister must confront: …talking was banned during the tick-tock-tick of a full day. … Continue reading

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Death & Weightlessness

THE SLOW ACTS | Sanaë Lemoine. Cleaver Magazine. ⇒Reading this story is like biting into a piece of gourmet candy: a dark chocolate shell, smooth caramel filling, and at the very center of this delicious confection, a live wasp. This … Continue reading

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Literary Crimes

A MAN WALKS THE PLANK | Jon Simmons. Storyscape. ⇒This is a really funny piece. It sort of relies on a gimmick, an absurd premise, but does so in a way that feels fleshed-out and not gimmicky. If that makes … Continue reading

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Life in a Small Town; or, How to Steal an RV

DON’T EVER CHANGE | Shasta Grant. THIS. Magazine. ⇒Always happy to discover a new lit journal on the internet. THIS is a new, beautifully designed zine full of great short fiction and poetry. Shasta Grant’s polished, to-the-point flash fiction “Don’t … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Cherry

THE TREE PLANTED BY WATER | Megan Byrne. Necessary Fiction. ⇒Fruit enjoys a prominent place in literature. Vegetables, less so. I wonder why that is. After all, the organic world is rich in metaphorical possibilities, and I don’t see why … Continue reading

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In a Diner, Growing Old

YOUTH | Daniel Enjay Wong. Spork. ⇒Daniel Enjay Wong’s flash fiction “Youth” is rich in symbolism, but symbolism of the unforced, subtle variety. I appreciate that. I appreciate symbolism that makes the reader do a bit of the work.

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Fill in the Blanks

MUTABLE PLEASURES | Meg Tuite. Smokelong Quarterly. ⇒It’s about time we discuss a piece from Smokelong, and this piece, “Mutable Pleasures” by Meg Tuite, is a real treasure from the online flash fiction journal. While any strong work of literature is going … Continue reading

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