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Roommate Troubles

BLACK DOOM OF OPTION | Garret Schuelke ⇒Read the Story @ Revolution John. I once had a roommate who would take a few bong rips and then play his didgeridoo at one o’clock in the morning. Which is just to … Continue reading

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Real Monsters and Imaginary Monsters

POND-WIFE | Peter Schranz  Read the story @ Mirror Dance This is a fun, surprising piece that plays around with the conventions of fantasy while honoring the genre’s sense of adventure and curiosity. I admit I’m not an experienced reader of … Continue reading

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Can You Do Me a Favor?

THE BREAKUP | Sarah Gailey. Read the story @ The Literary Hatchet: Issue #12 (You have to fill out a quick form to download the issue as a pdf–the story is on page 28) S P O I L E … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Down

DESCENT | Carmen Maria Machado. Read the story @ Nightmare Magazine. S P O I L E R S   B E L O W Here’s a dark, troubling little story that manages to keep the reader invested in its … Continue reading

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Airline Friends

GOLDEN LAND | Sunisa Nardone.  Read the story @ Atlas & Alice. This is a story of inversions, of reversals: a sudden relationship between two women becomes incredibly deep, then reverses into surface-level acquaintanceship. Cultures are exchanged, reversed, in constant flux. … Continue reading

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