re a c h

We are always on the lookout for new stories to feature. If it’s been published on the internet, send us the link and we’ll check it out. If the story is interesting or awesome or beautiful or just batshit insane, the odds are good that we’ll feature it on FictionFeed.

A few notes regarding what we look for:

  • We look for quality, of course, but we also look for innovation. We want to see something different.
  • The internet has drastically shortened the modern reader’s attention span. Flash fiction is usually preferable, but we’ll read longer stories as well. If the piece is long enough to induce scrollbar-related wrist injuries, it’s less likely to be featured here.
  • Genre-wise, we’re pretty omnivorous: we are open to mainstream “literary” fiction, of course, but we’re also open to historical, SF, fantasy, noir/crime, surrealism, fairy tales, and experimental stuff that blurs the boundaries between fiction and nonfiction/essay/poetry/etc. We’re open to everything.
  • Even Ted Cruz erotic fan fiction.
  • But it has to be really good Ted Cruz erotic fan fiction.
  • Finally, note that the website/journal where a story is published has no bearing on whether or not it’s featured here. Diagram and Smokelong have a lot of cachet, but we are totally open to more obscure journals as well.



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