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Welcome to Fiction Feed. This is not a literary zine in the traditional sense–which is to say, an online journal that publishes stories. No. This is where we share the very best short stories and flash fiction from other journals. We sift through the many stories published each month on literary sites both renowned and obscure, then feature and discuss a particular gem that deserves wider recognition–and perhaps even the chance to go viral (literary viral, not Bieber viral).

We don’t republish any copyrighted work but rather link to the content’s existing home. We also provide craft-level commentaries which you can read over the duration of an average number two (should Reader’s Digest be in short supply).

But if you decide to skip the review and head straight to the masterpiece, that’s cool too. A good work of fiction stands on its own, regardless of what we say about it.

Each entry falls into one or more categories, which serve as a practical description rather than a pigeonhole for the story. More often than not, the stories here transcend boundaries of genre. Categories shouldn’t be viewed as strict compartments.

Once again, welcome to FictionFeed. Enjoy the stories. Feel free to nominate your own favorites to be featured here. And remember, if you discover a story that totally kicks ass, share it with others. Talent deserves recognition.


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  1. Noreen Ayres says:

    I came upon your site because of Wag’s Review posting that you had a review of a story published there. I thought it is so unusual to have an entity reviewing short stories, of all things, instead of books. I so appreciated the modulate, careful review you provided of “How I Came to Love…” that I just had to investigate, and now I just HAVE TO say thank you. I haven’t read the Who link yet, but am looking forward to learning who you are. Thank you for your initiative, your love of fiction, your heart!


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