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An Invasive Species

THE SHAPE OF ENGLAND | Julia Evans. Swarm. ⇒Let’s talk about pennyroyals, a flower indigenous to Europe and the British Isles that figures prominently in Julia Evans’ fantastic short story, “The Shape of England.” This is what Wikipedia tells me … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Basic Human Interaction

HOMEGOING | Maria Hummer. Passages North. ⇒I appreciate when literary journals that are by and large print-only start sharing some of their content for free online. This is for two reasons. One: I think it opens up the journal to … Continue reading

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The Fox Queen: A Fable

THE RED CROWN | Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom. Hobart.  ⇒The fable is a time-honored literary form, easily one of the oldest, and it’s put to really effective use in “The Red Crown” by Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom, published last week over at Hobart. … Continue reading

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Geronimo’s Life Experience in 17 Words

I MEET GERONIMO | Charles Bane, Jr. Spelk. ⇒I’m always excited to see a new venue for great flash fiction, such as the journal in which today’s story appears: Spelk. Many thanks to a F_F reader who alerted me to this great piece, … Continue reading

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The Pomegranate: Nature’s Most Erotic Fruit

PERSEPHONE | Molly Lazer. Scapegoat Review. ⇒It is with more than a little bit of glee that I categorize this piece as, not only prose poetry, but “erotica,” too. Why erotic? Read the piece, silly. It’s about sex. Unless my reading … Continue reading

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Color Commentary

DRAGONFLY | Marie Manilla Monkeybicycle. ⇒Today I’m exploring a piece from the always eclectic Monkeybicycle, one of my favorite flash fiction journals. I’ve labeled today’s subject, “Dragonfly” by Marie Manilla, historical fiction. As I’ve pointed out before, labels and categorizations can … Continue reading

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Likely Priapus Was Popular With the Ladies

FROM THE TEMPLE PRIAPUS | Andrew Saavedra Lockjaw Magazine. ⇒First of all, I would like to thank Twitter for introducing me to a slew of incredible new online literary journals, the most recent of which is the beautifully designed Lockjaw … Continue reading

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