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The Language of Skin

Two Pieces by Justin Brouckaert. ⇒Read them @ Ghost Proposal. This week’s unsolicited and likely rambling commentary focuses on some great prose writing by Justin Brouckaert. I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to take on not one but two pieces in … Continue reading

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Filming a Ghost

FILMMAKING | B.R. Yeager ⇒ Read the story first @ Unbroken (view the journal via ISSUU; the piece is on page 21) ⇒ Today’s featured piece comes from a cool journal of short-form creative prose–prose poetry, flash, what have you–called Unbroken. I … Continue reading

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Meat and Bones: Notes on Process

Rogue Notebooks: 2006 – 2014 or How to Become a Novelist in Ten Minutes or Less | Bhanu Kapil. Banango Street. ⇒Bhanu Kapil’s “Rogue Notebooks” first appeared at Banango Street back in October. The publication coincided with the manifestation of her newest … Continue reading

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In a Diner, Growing Old

YOUTH | Daniel Enjay Wong. Spork. ⇒Daniel Enjay Wong’s flash fiction “Youth” is rich in symbolism, but symbolism of the unforced, subtle variety. I appreciate that. I appreciate symbolism that makes the reader do a bit of the work.

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The Pomegranate: Nature’s Most Erotic Fruit

PERSEPHONE | Molly Lazer. Scapegoat Review. ⇒It is with more than a little bit of glee that I categorize this piece as, not only prose poetry, but “erotica,” too. Why erotic? Read the piece, silly. It’s about sex. Unless my reading … Continue reading

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Likely Priapus Was Popular With the Ladies

FROM THE TEMPLE PRIAPUS | Andrew Saavedra Lockjaw Magazine. ⇒First of all, I would like to thank Twitter for introducing me to a slew of incredible new online literary journals, the most recent of which is the beautifully designed Lockjaw … Continue reading

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Depression as Performance

HOW TO STAY DEPRESSED | Mira Gonzalez Shabby Doll House. ⇒The first thing I noticed were the imperatives. In this fascinating, complex prose piece about depression, imperative sentences work as a sort of “refrain,” adding a great rhythm to the … Continue reading

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