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A Dream Narrative

DREAM SEQUENCE #35 | Lisa De Nikolits →Read the story @ JELLYFISHREVIEW.   This story is a cool and super trippy dream sequence that commands readers’ attention through its beautiful prose, idiosyncratic shifts and associations, and the overall confidence with which this piece is … Continue reading

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Srsly, like… LOL!!! ;) …or: How to Be a True Navajo Woman

FAWNA MOON | Erika T. Wurth. →Read the story @ Waxwing Literary Journal. The following is a list of unforgivable textual crimes: plagiarism, oxford commas, semicolons (except when used ironically), triteness, cliches and received language as a substitute for original thought, … Continue reading

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The Approaching Wave

PSYCHOPOMP | Indrapramit Das. ⇒Read the story @ Interfictions.   There are going to be vocab words aplenty, I promise. But first, let’s talk about, a venue for some of the most exciting, boundary-smashing works of literature being written … Continue reading

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Why Weeping Into Sausages Is More Poignant Than Just Weeping, and Other Insights

THE ROOM INSIDE MY FATHER’S ROOM. Lincoln Michel. ⇒Read the story @ Catapult.   A good story is all about details, as any writer will surely tell you. Careful use of details is not the same thing as complexity, or … Continue reading

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No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Flash Fiction

THE BATTERY CAGE | John Grabski. Ash + Bones. Perhaps foremost among humanity’s innate skills is our incredible capacity for denial. For a simple demonstration of this denial, go to a Fourth of July barbecue, where everyone’s chowing down on … Continue reading

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Mohammed Bowls a 93, Surprisingly

GOING BOWLING WITH MOHAMMED | Ron Riekki. ExFic. ⇒This flash piece is funny and profound, so many things at once. By way of premise/summary, here’s the opening fragment to give you a taste of what’s in store for you: I … Continue reading

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Meat and Bones: Notes on Process

Rogue Notebooks: 2006 – 2014 or How to Become a Novelist in Ten Minutes or Less | Bhanu Kapil. Banango Street. ⇒Bhanu Kapil’s “Rogue Notebooks” first appeared at Banango Street back in October. The publication coincided with the manifestation of her newest … Continue reading

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