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Portrait of a Dive Bar

TOURNIQUET TUESDAYS | Tori Bond. →Read the story @ Cease, Cows. In “Tourniquet Tuesdays,” author Tori Bond begins by describing the drinking game of the same name (“It involved Wild Turkey and knocking someone out while blindfolded”) and uses this … Continue reading

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“Where Was I”: Behind the Scenes with Jenny Wales Steele

Welcome to FictionFeed’s first ever behind-the-scenes author interview! Today we’re chatting with author Jenny Wales Steele about the process behind her phenomenal short story “Where Was I,” which appears over at Compose Journal. Go read the story at Compose Journal … Continue reading

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A Dream Narrative

DREAM SEQUENCE #35 | Lisa De Nikolits →Read the story @ JELLYFISHREVIEW.   This story is a cool and super trippy dream sequence that commands readers’ attention through its beautiful prose, idiosyncratic shifts and associations, and the overall confidence with which this piece is … Continue reading

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