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Cronenberg Would Dig This

AN EXPERIMENT | Stephen Langlois. Read it @ Monkeybicycle. S P O I L E R S  B E L OW , A S  A L W A Y S “Cronenbergian,” as it turns out, is a pretty established term … Continue reading

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Crushed Bones and Dream Logic

Intruder | Jean-Luc Bouchard The Molotov Cocktail. ⇒This piece is fucking crazy. The images are brutal, the pacing is dizzying, and the events described herein are wild and surreal and otherworldly in the best way possible. The piece contains bits … Continue reading

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This Will Make You Wonder What the Fuck You Just Read

“Spectacles and Yurts, Godammit” Anand Dibble The Ampersand Review ⇒This piece reads like some high-level MadLibs narrative or uber-absurdist piece. I don’t have much to say about this beyond the title of this post and the overall what-the-fuckness that the … Continue reading

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Satanic Copraphilia and Female Sexual Empowerment

“The Devil’s Face” Katie Farris Annalemma. This one’s a classic from a few years back, written by Brown MFA grad Katie Farris. To one who is shocked by descriptions of hellish torments and scat fetish porn, it is arguably shocking. … Continue reading

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Reading Kafka Gets this Guy All Hot and Bothered

“Night in Amerika” by Steve Calamars Pink Litter, Nov. 2013 “Night in Amerika” by Steve Calamars is a fairly explicit story of autoerotic asphyxiation/suicide and Kafka. The story, particularly its—ahem, climax—is very Kafka-esque, as you will no doubt discover for … Continue reading

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