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History as Bricolage; or, What the Hell Is Bricolage?

THE “PEOPLE IN TUBES” MOTIF | Gregg Williard.  The Collagist. ⇒This marvelous piece by Gregg Williard, “The ‘People in Tubes’ Motif,” contains a slew of great vocab words, among them bricolage. I happen to like the word; I love the term’s … Continue reading

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Geronimo’s Life Experience in 17 Words

I MEET GERONIMO | Charles Bane, Jr. Spelk. ⇒I’m always excited to see a new venue for great flash fiction, such as the journal in which today’s story appears: Spelk. Many thanks to a F_F reader who alerted me to this great piece, … Continue reading

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Color Commentary

DRAGONFLY | Marie Manilla Monkeybicycle. ⇒Today I’m exploring a piece from the always eclectic Monkeybicycle, one of my favorite flash fiction journals. I’ve labeled today’s subject, “Dragonfly” by Marie Manilla, historical fiction. As I’ve pointed out before, labels and categorizations can … Continue reading

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A Moment of God in War-Torn France

“The Sniper” Paul Luikart WhiskeyPaper. ⇒Violence is very difficult to write in works of fiction (so is sex, but that’s another story). Violence is complicated, a rush of disparate sensory details that somehow coalesce into a scene or moment that … Continue reading

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You & Tesla

“Light Show” Fergin Jones Pank. Ever read a story and think, Hmm… I’m not… sure… I follow… If you haven’t ever thought that, either you don’t read many stories or your comprehension level far surpasses mine. Either way, “Light Show” … Continue reading

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