A Cool Needle in the Brain

brain scan


Susannah Maltz


“Mythologies” is only 175 words. I counted every single one. Okay, I didn’t. I used word count. But I did read every single word, all 175, and here is what I think:

It’s a really great piece. Clever use of dialogue, great blend of interior (character’s mind) and exterior (scene) dynamics, delivered as a simple remember-when anecdote but with that substrate of complexity, of wild, far-out weirdness that transforms the conversation into something both disturbing and universal.

I won’t spoil much more than I already have, since the piece consists of only 175 words, carefully arranged like so many semantic needles in just the right way. I don’t want to over-discuss this piece, lest my breath disturb a single word-needle and the whole structure comes down with tiny whispered clicks onto the kitchen counter.

There is a needle in the story, too, which is why I did that whole metaphor just now.

It’s a great piece. Read it after you finish this sentence, which, when complete, will have brought this post up to 175 words.

Read the piece at wigleaf.

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