North Adamsville Has One Hell of a Gazebo


They’re Filming Midgets”

Robert Lopez

Red Lightbulbs (RIP).

I’m a big fan of Robert Lopez, an accomplished New York storyteller whom you’ll find on a variety of fiction journals throughout the interwebs. This story, “They’re Filming Midgets,” comes from the late great Red Lightbulbs (check them out; lots of good stuff on the site, even if it’s no longer hosting new content).

This piece reminds me of James Tate poems at their goofiest: a folky tone, a casual approach to an outrageous or absurd premise, logical progressions that seem anything but. Plus lots of fun words and terms like gazebo and midgets. Yes, the frequency with which the term midget is used may be deemed insensitive, but that folksiness wouldn’t have come across successfully with a term like little people.

Not much else to say about this piece; it’s simple (in the best way possible), weird and funny. Check it out–and while you’re at it, check out everything else Mr. Lopez has written. And if you like this piece, read some (more recent) works by James Tate as well.

Read “They’re Filming Midgets” over at Red Lightbulbs.

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