Reading Kafka Gets this Guy All Hot and Bothered

640px-Noeud_de_pendu_en_ficelle“Night in Amerika” by Steve Calamars

Pink Litter, Nov. 2013

“Night in Amerika” by Steve Calamars is a fairly explicit story of autoerotic asphyxiation/suicide and Kafka. The story, particularly its—ahem, climaxis very Kafka-esque, as you will no doubt discover for yourself if you read this short, bleak flash piece. I found the story on a fairly obscure erotic prose/poetry blog called Pink Litter. How I stumbled into Pink Litter’s realm is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you I’ve recently made it my mission to include more erotica on this site. It has to be good erotica, though. Classy, literary erotica.

This piece isn’t particularly classy, though it is literary in its referentiality. It isn’t even especially erotic, despite the masturbation. It’s actually dark and sad and very Kafka-strange.

Let’s put it this way: if reading Kafka turns you on, seek help immediately.

Read the story here.

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